March 10, 2023

SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Wolé Parks (Superman & Lois, Yellowstone)

SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Wolé Parks (Superman & Lois, Yellowstone)
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Welcome to Wilhelm and another edition of The Spotlight Series!

This time around I had the pleasure of being joined by actor Wolé Parks currently known as John Henry Irons from the CW series "Superman & Lois". Together, Wolé and I got to talk about this upcoming 3rd season, his knowledge of the character before taking on the role, any pressure that came with accepting the role and so much more. Wolé was an amazing guest so this is one not to be missed and don't miss the season 3 premiere of "Superman & Lois" Tuesday March 14th on the CW!

Video Version will be available on the Wilhelm YouTube Page the morning of Saturday March 11th:

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