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Perfect blend of professionalism and fan enthusiasm

Ben is a seasoned podcaster and has extensive experience interviewing celebrities onstage at fan conventions and in other media venues. He has a depth of knowledge on his subjects, quick wit and sincerely loves the subjects he covers/who he talks to… and that comes through. Highly recommend!

Well Done Podcast That’s Worth Listening To

Ben does such a great job with this podcast. Some of my recent favorites are the 5 Best Clooney movies and Best and Worst TV Dads. Always enjoyable and a good listen. You should check it out.

Terrific Podcast

Ben is great about asking questions that spur amazing responses. He brings things out of celebs that we don’t hear often. Great job!

Listen in!

Very neat show with a number of TV stars stopping by from week to week. Wilhelm's host ask some great questions during interviews to give listeners insight and mix in some laughs to make each show fun and entertaining!

Great Variety Show

Ben and Adam pick some great stories to share from the weekend in review. They have celebrity guest interviews from TV and films. Overall a fun listen. If you listen live, you can chat with them through the recording. Fun stuff!

A must listen for me

There are plenty of podcasts out there talking about pop culture. What makes this one different is the chemistry the host has with his guests. There is no awkward dead space - only good solid insight mixed in with plenty of laughs along the way. Plus the celebrity interviews add an additional touch that isn’t often matched. I love this show.