June 1, 2022

SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Actor Rob Wiethoff (Red Dead Redemption)

SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Actor Rob Wiethoff (Red Dead Redemption)

Welcome to Wilhelm and another edition of the Spotlight Series!

I am incredibly excited to bring you the first of two Spotlight Series episodes recorded a few weeks back and I am now finally bringing to you! The first one is with the wonderful Rob Wiethoff, voice actor and motion capture artist from the Red Dead Redemption game series. People familiar with the RDR games would know Rob better as the voice of John Marston, the main character of the first game and returning character in RDR2. Together, Rob and I talk getting started with Rockstar Games, working on Red Dead, attending conventions, what the fans mean to him and so much more. This is a conversation not to be missed! I hope you enjoy!

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