April 18, 2020

134 - Jack O’Halloran (Superman, Dragnet)

134 - Jack O’Halloran (Superman, Dragnet)
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In this episode of the season I welcome actor, author and former boxer Jack O’Halloran. Most notibly known as the character Non from the Superman film (Superman, Superman II), Emil Muzz (Dragnet) and Moose Malloy (Farewell, My Lovely), together we talk about Jack’s upbringing in Philadelphia, getting started and his career in boxing, making the transition to acting, projects he’s worked on, his novel Family Legacy and so much more! Jack was incredibly generous with his time and I was totally engaged by his stories that this is one conversation not to be missed. I look forward to having Jack return to The Spotlight sometime in the near future. Be sure to check out Jack’s novel by visiting www.familylegacythenovel.com and be sure to check back to the site soon for updates on future installments of his story!



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