July 12, 2022

SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Actor William Sadler (Shawshank Redemption, Die Hard 2)

SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Actor William Sadler (Shawshank Redemption, Die Hard 2)
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Welcome to Wilhelm and another edition of the Spotlight Series!

I am incredibly excited to bring you this edition of the Wilhelm Spotlight Series as I have an amazing conversation with veteran actor William Sadler. William was so delightful to speak with and very generous with his time as together we talk about how he got started in entertainment, making the transition from theater to film, projects like Shawshank, Die Hard 2 and the Bill & Ted films, his current work in songwriting and so much more! This is one not to be missed! And make sure you listen all the way to the end after the closing music for an exclusive song track William was generous enough to share with me to share with all of you!!!

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