May 29, 2020

138 - M.C. Gainey (PART II)

138 - M.C. Gainey (PART II)
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While actor M.C. Gainey joined me on The Spotlight last week to talk many elements of his storied career, he was even more generous with his time in joining me on my LOST podcast, WE HAVE TO GO BACK: LOST REVISITED to talk exclusively about his time on the show and what it meant to him. I share that conversation with you, my Spotlight listeners, now. Please enjoy!

We take a break from our official episode breakdowns this week to bring you this special edition episode. This week, Ben and Kristin are super excited to welcome our awesome guest, the one and only M.C. Gainey aka Tom Friendly. M.C. was so much fun to talk to, he gave us some great inside information as to what it was like working on the set of LOST, working with the cast and crew, and how much the love for the show has changed his life. We thank M.C. greatly for being so generous with his time and we sincerely hope you not only enjoy this conversation, but let us know your thoughts afterwards. Please enjoy!


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